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What’s the Word, Bird?

When you think of pest control, I’m sure the main image in your mind is a cockroach, or an infested home where creepy crawlers have taken over. Maybe you think of the TV Show Hoarders, and how a messy house can turn into a breeding ground for pests.

However, at Lady Bugs, pest control ranges from bed bugs and bees, to bats and birds!

Today I had the opportunity to tag along for what we call a “Bird Exclusion”, which entailed a large lift, a harness, hardware cloth, and some solemn looking finches. With big eyes and an open mouth, I watched as our technician floated into the sky, sunglasses on, ready to install a wire to prevent the finches from nesting. Next time you see wire on a roof, just note that days of work went into assessing the bird issue, gathering materials, and renting a dragon-fly looking machine to hoist a brave pest control expert into the sky. Luckily for us, today was not windy at all, and our technician smoothly formed the wire and installed it onto the roof area.

Jobs like these aren’t especially common in our business, however they extremely rewarding and allow us to showcase our variety of skillsets. It is important to remember that pest control is just that: a control measure. It doesn’t always equate to harm on whatever pest we are dealing with.

When handling and controlling wildlife, we take the safety of the animal and the customer equally as serious.

Before removing birds nests, our gloved technician will make sure there aren’t baby birds or eggs inside. Today, we knew that the season of baby birds was coming to an end, and upon removal of the nest, all finches were able to safely fly away. The remnants of the nest were disposed of properly, as to not allow for any opportunity of bird-carrying disease to enter either the customer’s space or our technician’s hands. We are also cautious to not cause any damage to the property we are servicing, especially when heavy machinery enters the picture.

While this aspect of pest control isn’t seen or spoken of as often as insects tend to be, I believe it is equally, if not more, important and should be highlighted in every company. While birds may not present a major safety hazard to residents, other wildlife like racoons, large wild cats, etc. have the possibility of spreading disease like rabies, or causing lesions through bites.

We take jobs that include the potential of danger extremely seriously, and can fit a wildlife trapping in our schedule ASAP if you believe you have an emergency. Pest control is not a one size fits all business, and Lady Bugs makes it a priority to find solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re having trouble with bees, bugs, or bats.

You can watch the video I took of the bird exclusion HERE.

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