Mosquitos biting a neck

Mosquito Awareness

It’s Mosquito Awareness Week!

While mosquitos are typically considered a nuisance pest in Upstate New York, they do have the potential to carry various virus and bacteria molecules. Though many are aware of the Zika and West Nile virus, these are extremely unlikely to be contracted from a mosquito in our area. However, you can keep yourself and your family secure this summer by following some of our tips to reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard.

Mosquitos lay eggs and hatch larva in still, stagnant water. Be sure to dump any still water around your yard, especially if it contains plant or organic matter and materials, as they feed and thrive off these nutrients.

Whether you’re having a bonfire, or reading by the pool, simple solutions such as lighting a citronella candle, planting lemongrass, or having an outdoor fan can drastically reduce the number of mosquitos around you!

Long sleeves and tightly knit fabrics make it harder for the mosquito’s stinger to permeate, and can protect your skin at a greater capacity. If you or anyone you know is an outdoor worker, these simple wardrobe changes can make a huge difference!

Looking for more natural solutions? If you’re not a fan of DEET products, we recommend wearing a lotion with strong, natural oils to create a barrier that drives mosquitos away, like eucalyptus or lemongrass. Johnson and Johnson makes a baby lotion with similar ingredients, often accredited to repelling mosquitos!

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